the world of pria




meet the characters 



 Kiba is the sixteen year old son of the village chieftain, T'lor. He likes to play his lyre, climb trees, taunt Jandals, and sleep in. Kiba shows a distressing lack of interest in taking over as village chieftain when his father steps down and has lately developed something of a restless streak. His mother, Arda, worries that Kiba may have come down with a terrible case of brain spots, since sufferers can't hold still, but so far, Kiba's skin remains its normal color and hasn't developed the purple tinge associated with the terrible malady. She remains vigilant while Kiba rolls his eyes and works on his new lyre solo.



 Emma, Kiba's newest friend, is something of a mystery. She just appears one day outside the village fence and introduces Kiba to the world beyond the walls he's known his entire life. She likes inventing and alchemy, and has only blown her own eyebrows off ONCE, and that was a long time ago, due to a very subtle miscalculation, and Johu has never let her forget it.