Frequently Asked Questions

As with all new releases there are bound to be some bugs. We will continue support after the release of The Song of Seven: Chapter One but some things might slip through the cracks. As a temporary solution, we've posted an FAQ for the most commonly experienced issues.

PC -

  • Kiba is not controllable upon waking up after the intro scene.

Check for windows updates. Your .net framework may be out of date if you haven't updated in a while.

  • Directional lighting flickering on and off / other strange graphical artifacts.

Make sure that you've got the latest drivers installed for your GPU. Go here if you own an Nvidia GPU. Go here if you own an AMD GPU.

Mac - 

  • Black screen on launch.

Select the "High(No Vsync)" graphics preset when the launch window appears. (We plan to add more quality settings post-launch)



  • Graphical Issues

Force OpenGL as a launch option. To force opengl, add to steam launch options "-force-opengl

General -

  • How many chapters are you planning to release?

We plan on releasing 5 total chapters - with a release window of 8-10 months.

  • Will there be a season pass available? 

        Not at this time. But we are planning package them altogether in a 'definitive edition' in the future.