Console Update, Rewards and Phase 2

Hey Everyone!

It's already been a month and a half since we released on Steam! Overall our launch has gone smoothly with 24/25 positive reviews! We released two bug patches with a third on the way that will also include controller support! 

Sweet. :D
If you still haven't received a steam key or want to change to a steam key, please email us! (contact at enlightenedgames dot com)

Console : Our goal is to release both of these versions in August, we will keep you all updated!

WiiU :

This has been our biggest challenge yet - but we're making a LOT of progress! The WiiU is far less powerful than the current consoles and isn't the most friendly dev environment. But we're GOING to make this happen!

See look it's running on a WiiU! :D

PS4 : We are still waiting for our dev kits, which should be coming to us soon. After working with the WiiU, I imagine this will be a walk in the park. HAH!

Chapter Two!!

Last but not least - we have started thinking ahead. I have been working on very early planning and concepts over the last month and am ready to slowly start showing it off. We're trying to figure out what our best avenue will be to continue development, but we will know more in the coming months. 

In the coming weeks, I will be trickling out more concepts I've created - and more information of what Chapter Two IS will follow!

This also means I plan on starting to stream on a schedule (and consistently) five days a week!!! 


Eric and the rest of the EG gang

As a friendly reminder, if you want to follow our developments more closely, here is a list of resources to keep up to date. 

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