So Close...

So we haven't updated in a while. We're nearing the end of development and things are a little crazy. We're all working our butts off to get things done and polished. The game is pretty much playable from start to finish and 95% of the art is done. Most of what we have to do is just file off the rough edges. 

Right now we're working on getting our final trailer out and we're going to make this one a home run. We're also going to be really reaching out to a lot of news outlets to try and get the word out, considering we don't exactly have a AAA marketing budget. 

I've decided to post a couple shots from Act 2 for you guys that follow us just to give you a better sneak peek at what's to come.

Needless to say this point in development is simultaneously terrifying and exciting. Worst case scenario is that some bugs slip through the cracks (as they inevitably do) and we'll be doing vigorous post launch bug fixing. Either way we're working as hard as we can to get this thing finished and into your hands.