Chapter One Release date!!

Finally…..Release Information! 

Hello, Enlightened Games family! Zach the production manager here. We have an incredible announcement to share with you regarding the release of The Song of Seven Chapter One: Overture, and what you can expect as a Kickstarter backer or potential purchaser. 

After months and months of testing, working, re-working…. More working, we have a date set through our Steamworks portal for May 17th, 2016. May 17th! 

You are a few short months away from enjoying the first leg of a grand journey, a journey with a main character we all find fits a piece of our personality, a story of boundless adventure amid a society rid with fear, and the start of an amazing journey on the other side of a broken fence. Our puzzles are primed, and story framework is laid out completely at this point. Expect The Song of Seven to make you laugh, challenge you with critical thinking, and inspire you through adventure and growth of a young character into adulthood. Following Kiba through the entire story, we hope to create the bond we have all felt when watching our main character become older, wiser, stronger, while painting a picture of a life we were able to watch unfold. Chapter One places you only at the beginning of this grand journey, so buckle up

With the Steam release date set, many of you may be wondering, what’s the status of the other platform releases? Well, don’t fret my friends. We are working diligently behind the scenes to secure timelines on both WIIU and PS4, as well as additional purchasing options for the non-steam PC loyalists. We don’t have any official dates as of yet for those offerings, but we promise we have not forgotten about you! Until that point, hold tight, or give the game a spin on your gaming rig. 

The entire Enlightened Games team is incredibly excited to share this amazing game with you in May after three long years of development (including our prototyping process), and hope you were able to follow the progress of an adventure sure to provide enjoyment. If you have any questions about release, or want to find out more about 

The Song of Seven, please drop us a line on Twitter @EnlightGames, on Facebook via our page, or through the site. Imanage the Twitter and Facebook account, and am more than happy to talk Enlightened Games, our game, or just games in general. Use #WakeUpKiba to best get your tweet noticed.

Zach Kruse,