Happy New Year!


It's 2016!!! We've been super busy scrambling to get Act 2 completed so we haven't had a lot of time to spend on updates. A LOT has happened since our last post both in development and outside of it.  So what have we been up to specifically?

Right now we've nearly completed grayboxing and logic of Act 2 and have begun visual polish on about half of it. We decided not to post any media from Act 2 so I won't be able to share any screenshots from that section of the game. However, we're continuously getting faster and more streamlined in our process, so things are speeding up. Not to mention the visual fidelity of the game is really starting to look how we'd hoped it would by the time of release.

As you can see we've been polishing Act 1 like crazy and even have had to completely rebuild the Forest scene for optimization. Thankfully it is performing (and looking) much better and is closer to the original concepts. 

One of the more annoying issues (at least for me) in game development is constantly having to update our screenshots because I can't stand looking at my work from even a month ago! Everything you've seen so far is likely going to look much better in the final release. They say you should always have more than you show so I suppose it's a bonus.

Not only are things looking better, but our composer Jonathan Yandel is giving the score a complete overhaul.

Jenni is just about done with all the writing and our programmer, Andy Moran, has worked out how we're doing Steam achievements. So Jenni is in the process of writing those and we're super excited to see some of the fun, obscure stuff she comes up with.

All in all, everyone has just been doing their thing, working as hard as they can to get this game out in a timely manner and to the quality we aim for. The thing about working independently is that it becomes difficult to "know when to stop". You can't give a game too much polish and there are always things  you can improve. Since we're inching closer to release we have to be careful about which parts of the game we want to spend time improving so we don't slip too far from schedule. Even deciding to do that work on the forest was a difficult decision because we knew it might set us back a bit. Overall though the quality of the game is what matters most, especially since this is our first project together. 

What else has been happening? Back in November we took The Song of Seven to a beta testing event and had a good number of people publicly play a demo of the game. We got some amazing feedback (mostly positive :D) that was helpful and reassuring. This was also the first time complete strangers had a chance to play the game so we were pretty nervous. 

We also decided to take Enlightened Games to see Star Wars on release night! We had a blast and everyone loved it! It was also some much needed break time and it was night to get everyone together again. Unfortunately Zach (our producer) couldn't make it but we partied without him.


Anyway, I think that concludes this post. We'll be trying to keep you guys updated but no promises. Just know that we're working as fast as we can to get this to you guys! Oh, and since we can't show you any screens from Act 2  we decided to share some concepts.