Kami Village and the Forest Ruins.

Hey there choir of the Seven! 

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather! It's been a couple months since the campaign ended, and we thought this would be a great time to touch base. Now that we have ourselves completely organized, scheduled, and in production - we will have more regular updates from here on out.

As a team we spent the first couple of weeks refocusing ourselves from the campaign to full production. Running a KS campaign can be incredibly taxing. Between the constant marketing, emailing, and updates, it sort of breaks the flow to normal production flows. After taking a few days off to rest, we immediately hit the ground running. We also made this silly thank you video in case you missed it. :D


First, we broke down everything we needed in order to complete the first chapter. Then taking that information to create the entire production schedule - the short, mid, and long terms goals are all laid out for the next 8+ months of our lives. Each milestone (which has already been time budgeted) has a specific area in the game we are either doing a first pass, alpha, or beta. The team member is responsible for filling out their own tasks for the week. Which looks something like this.


The opening section of the game (Kami Village) is fully playable from start to finish. There is still a great deal of polish (mostly animation) we still need to accomplish, but the foundation is there. Here's a bunch of screenshots/gifs of our progress!



The last few weeks we've been focusing on the conceptual phase/building of the next area. I put together a reference/inspiration video compilation of the entire game for the team. It's something that I'll share once the first chapter is released, as I think it could sort of spoil the experience. 

Next, I was inspired by Pixar and Journey to create a color key art progression throughout the game. This allows us to make sure that each environment has its own color palate and personality. (I blurred out the names of the later areas of the game for spoilers)


The Forest Ruins

The next area of the game has its first pass complete - here's a first look at the concept art and screenshot of the level. :)

 As always - thank you for your support! Stay tuned for future updates regarding progress, workflow, and more! Back to work! :D

Eric & the EG team

PS : For those of you who have been asking, I promise I will start streaming again soon!