So a lot has happened over the last couple months. We've been working hard to get the first act of Chapter 1 completed and into Beta. I think it's safe to say that the first act has been finished and now it's just a matter of finding the last of the bugs and giving it slightly more polish. We did some playtesting recently as well and got some amazing and encouraging feedback which was a huge morale boost. 

In other news we just submitted the most recent build to IGF where it will be scrutinized meticulously. The week before the deadline was chaos! We basically had everything go wrong at once and we scrambled furiously to get a working build to the judges on time. Luckily we made it but we all agreed to take a bit of a break afterwards to minimize stress levels that were already building.

So now we get to do fun stuff again. Eric is gonna be finishing up the designs for everything in Act 2 while the rest of us continue to iron out Act 1. From there we'll be filling out Act 2 with new models, textures, animations, etc... We've all kinda gotten into the groove of working together so it should be smooth sailing relatively. 

So I don't have too many 'new' screens for this post because like I said we've been bug fixing. Enjoy the rest though!