Without the body as a unifying figure of existence, we become fragmented. We repress our aliveness and become machine-like, easily manipulated. We lose our testing ground for truth.
— Anodea Judith, Eastern Body Western Mind



"An awakening wrapped in self-discovery" 

  The Song of Seven is a single player third-person adventure game.

evaluate how everyday fears keep us from our full potential while exploring a world that tells a story of forgotten celestial siblings, isolated villages, seafaring pirates, ghosts, monsters, leaders, artists, mystics, lovers, dancers, inventors,  Solve environment/inventory based puzzles, engage in meaningful conversation, meet unusual people and learn about the power of connections.

discover how fears manifest and how to conquer them!



Its game play hearkens back to old school point and click, inventory-based adventure/puzzle games but uses third person analog controls for a more updated, immersive feeling. 


A dark myth has awakened to threaten Pria, a gorgeous and mystical world desperate for a savior. To restore the balance of the realm, you’ll need to help Kiba, a sheepish boy, venture outside his serene village to face his heroic destiny. Collect items for your quest to solve exciting puzzles while you explore distant lands and form alliances in this unforgettably epic single player adventure! 

Pria’s lush world belies a society fragmented by tribal squabbles, lost histories, geographical extremes, and, above all, the need for survival. Among all of these people lies an even deeper secret- an ancient myth that tells of a dark force whose shadow is unmatched and growing again across the land. Join Kiba, a simple boy from a sleepy town called Kami, as he comes of age to defeat this evil in an incredible tale of heroism and friendship. 

Chapter One shows Kiba, a teenage boy on the edge of manhood, floating through life. Each day looks exactly like the one before it, and the monotony of routine drags at everyone's heels, though they have different ways of showing it. A powerful storm ripped through the village just yesterday and creates a perfect opportunity for everything to change. Journey through Pria with Kiba. Go from isolation to companionship and the routine to the extraordinary. Meet unique characters and take the first steps into a larger world. Follow Kiba from a boy who couldn't into a man who could.


Peer into Pria



The fairy tale story, gently swishing trees and soothing music of The Song of Seven will draw you in, and the engaging characters keep you hooked. The world of Pria truly feels like a magical place, and exploring it is the most peaceful experience I've had in a while."

"The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 is still an ultimately charming game for point-and-click adventure enthusiasts."

"This game charmed my pants off."
-Merlandese (Steam User)
"A charmingly picturesque and tranquil adventure filled with spontaneous characters and gorgeuous music."
-Blush (Steam User)

"Not only is The Song of Seven: Chapter One beautiful, but it tells an old story in a new and truly refreshing way."
-Affinity Archives


The Song of Seven is powered by Adventure Creator by Chris Burton